Redrawing the Middle East map: the Armed Forces Jo…

Redrawing the Middle East map: the Armed Forces Journal, under the title Blood Borders, explains how the U.S. could make the region looks better (before, after). This looks scary, but do you think it is realistic?

5 thoughts on “Redrawing the Middle East map: the Armed Forces Jo…

  1. I think about it like :
    if i am setting in my home & some body have the map of it & he’s trying to play with my home as he like


  2. Ralph Peters is a pretty extreme “blue sky thinker”, who’s also got a serious case of Islamophobia.

    He can think and write what he wants, of course. And others–including most people with brains–can happily ignore him.

    He tells some what they want to hear, so he gets publishing contracts and TV time. Only the nuts take him seriously on things like this, though.

  3. Kuwait’s already small and they want to make it even tinyer?!?!? How ridiculous…. Although I like sounds of an Islamic Sacred State.

  4. Some good ideas, but it will never happen. It looks like a map that the former colonial powers would have drawn up if they had the interests of the people on their minds, not themselves.

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