The Independent has a great cover which makes it v…

The Independent has a great cover which makes it very clear who is behind the killing of civilians in Lebanon. Meanwhile, the Israeli media is quite happy with the fatwa issued by Saudi cleric Abdullah Ibn Jabreen against Hizbollah.

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  1. Dear Ahmad,

    Asslamu Alaikum. Hezbollah has won the hearts of Muslims worldwide, both Sunni and Shia, and their brave actions have made the nakedness of the wimpy Arab rulers all the more obvious to all.

    Please feel free to ignore the dim-witted fatwa that this ignorant cleric has issued and the racist, intolerant mindset that the extremist Salafis have against our Shia brothers.

    For an excellent opinion of how Sunnis and Shia should work towards unity rather than division, please see:

  2. I found this fatwa earlier and decided to ignore it, but when such thing makes to Israeli media it becomes so hard not to bring it up.

  3. i fail to understand why this fatwa came from the Saudis in the first place…i just fail to understand it.


  4. Sunni’s hate Shia’s..
    Shia’s hate Sunni’s…
    and the world moves forward..
    Sunna kill shia.. shia kill sunna..
    and the world moves forward..
    we r stuck,, and we will ALWAYS be stuck, and as long as we keep saying, shia, sunna, salafi, wahhabi, soofy etc instead of MUSLIM, we deserve to be stuck, and we deserve all the crap we go through! lannena ma nestahal!

    WHY are Israel where they r today?! how do they have this power? are they the only smart people on the face of this planet!!??? i dont think so!! the jews (religious, non-religious) work in unity, they r there for each other.

    take a look at us.. shia hate sunna,, sunna hate shia..
    the world moves forward..
    we r stuck..
    we r opressed..
    and we deserve it!!

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