I really appreciate the nice gesture by OCSAB to s…

I really appreciate the nice gesture by OCSAB to support me against ISU. Paying a visit to ISU is a highly regarded act, especially that I can’t do such thing because I’m not in Riyadh these days. I am thrilled by the reaction of bloggers to what happened, and I hope this blog would carry some good news soon.

22 thoughts on “I really appreciate the nice gesture by OCSAB to s…

  1. Hi Ahmad ..
    Good luck my dear friend ,, I’m still thinking that the blocking was by mistake , or somthing ..
    but I’m hoping there will be good news tomowrow ..

    Basem – HerbaZ

  2. Why would they block you? I mean now they just proved that they don’t blogs by content..
    I’m not in Saudi though and can still see your blog..
    Good Luck with unblocking it!!

  3. أتمني ان نتبنى جميعا كمدونين كلمه واحده بتاريخ واحد نحدد فيه رأينا للعالم اجمع
    اتمني ان ندون مدونه واحد بتاريخ 27/07/2006
    كلنا كمدونين نكرر عباره واحده
    كلنا مع لبنان وفلسطين ضد اسرائيل والمحتلين
    بالعربي بالانجليزي المهم نسمع صوتنا للعالم
    وان لم نستطيع حمل السلاح فالنحمل الكلمه
    ارجو النشر -تحياتي للجميع

  4. خطوة جميلة من أوكساب، أمنياتنا أن تعود مدونتك قريبا، وأن يرفع عنها الحجب التعسفي هذا ..

    good luck

  5. Congratulations :)

    today @ Alriyadh newspaper an article about the ISU and blocking.


  6. Good! Now back to ‘Ahmed unplugged’! that did not last too long, that’s good, and the OCSAB guys supported you too? wow.. that was a nice gesture,

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