Visit Saudi Arabia, but dress and behave appropria…

Visit Saudi Arabia, but dress and behave appropriately (read: our way).

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  1. interesting article…but i can speak for jeddah, and i know its not as strict as Riyadh. jeddah has a lot to offer to, especially for those who love beaches, swimming, diving, snorkelling. Eating out and malls are coming up prettyy fast. the corniche is another attractions. art galleries…oh god, why did i have to leave jeddah.

    also, i am sure there is a market for tourism where people wouldnt mind all these restrictions.


  2. Well, when I lived in Alkhobar, I only wore an abaya but wasn’t required to cover my hair. That happened when for a brief moment, I worked for saudi tv (would you believe it? it was a cooking show though, about 12 years ago)out of Damman and when I went to Riyad with my director/producer/cameraman (after all, the ‘big money’was kept in the Riyad studios) for a piece, I certainly covered up every bit of hair that wanted to escape. So, since I am over 40 (ahem), does that mean I could travel unaccompanied?? Wouldn’t mind a visit down memory

  3. Mansur: There might be. The promises are big, and only time would tell.

    Ingrid: Welcome back, anytime ;-)

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