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Lubna Hussain on women’s employment at lingerie shops: “What’s more is that I don’t understand why it is that in the retail industry it is forbidden for women to serve alongside men within their own enclosed sections when in other sectors such as hospitals, banking and the media they are allowed to. If those opposed to such a move toward greater employment integration cite mixing as being a problem then I would like to ask such individuals that if it came to their wives, daughters and mothers having to buy underwear would they not prefer them to be in contact with a woman over such matters than a strange man?”

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  1. Hi i have been living in kingdom for about 22 years as a forigner an Indian national .My question is since i have lived almost all my life here then, don’t u think i should have the right to live here indifinity.I have studied in London for about 8 years and i hate to live there i feel home over here simply becasue i love this country but unfortunately i am looked as a forigner and can be kicked out anytime.Where do i stand i cant live in the country i have spent whole my life and i dont want to live in the west even though i am offered Nationality in just 5 years.When i speak to some on the street its usually said all Muslims are same and have same rights but i as a Muslim i can’t goto the eye specialist hospital or cant buy a GMC on my name or a house on my name or do business on my name because i am a INDIAN Muslim. Where are the rights gone please comment.

  2. This is to Lubna Hussain i agree with ur point. When women is accepted to be employed in the Kingdom then why not where there should be a women sales person which is at lingerie shops or stalls etc.Simply common sence which you know that people are lacking in huge quantity.

  3. I always think twice about walking into a lingerie shop in Riyadh to buy anything from the male employees there, especially when oftentimes they haven’t seen a woman beyond the abaya in ages and there you walk in to buy underwear from them…one can only imagine what they start thinking about. As a woman, it’s very awkward. Natural reaction really.

  4. I’ve been watching the shops change things in preperation for female employees. Soon all woman, hidden behind darkened windows will sell womens underwear. A step in the right direction, although I do find amusement in the thought that women can go in and buy from a man but now a man can’t go in and buy from a woman.

    I think Lubna should understand how difficult mixed working areas are for most women in Saudi. I have tons of stories from such women. I don’t think most could handle intimate undies and a co worker of the opposite sex.. too much scandal.

    I believe more energy needs to be spent in ensuring safe and respectable work areas for women in a co-ed enviroment. Before more women are employed in such places. One shouldn’t assume that employing more women will in someway solve those issues. It will simply compound them.

    ohh and I’m a woman who doesn’t buy under garments in saudi. I’ll cross to Bahrain if need be.

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