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If you have been following this blog for a long time, then you probably have noticed that I don’t link to Arabic content that much anymore. I used to link to plenty of Arabic pages in the past, but since more than half of my readers can’t read Arabic I decided to stop linking to Arabic content except when the link is too good not to share. Still, I follow many Arabic websites on daily basis and find a lot of stuff that’s worth reading, so I’ve been thinking of some way to share this stuff with those who can read Arabic.

I don’t usually use for my bookmarks management, but I think the ultimate social bookmarking tool can serve my purpose here very well. I have been bookmarking Arabic pages that I think worth reading with a certain tag so you can find them easily in one page. You can find the this page here, with my comments and notes under every link, and it will be updated about several times a day. You can also subscribe to the page’s feed.

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