Most of my friends know that I was not pleased at …

Most of my friends know that I was not pleased at all with what have been going on in the Saudi blogosphere in the past few months. I made a decision not to write about that subject again, and I’m not changing my mind. What happened has left me in frustration, and I almost lost hope in the local blogosphere. However, I have recently come across three interesting Saudi blogs which made me convinced why I should keep some hope inside. These blogs are: Magic Kingdom, Icona, and Al-Mufakker. They are all written in Arabic, and they absolutely worth checking out if you can read that language. Every one of these guys deserves a separate post of praise and celebration, but I think it would be much better if you went there and discovered them yourselves. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Most of my friends know that I was not pleased at …

  1. Dear Ahmad

    Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. I don’t feel that I earned what you said about me yet.

    I finally discovered your Arabic blog, and it is wonderful. I will still read your English blog, but excuse me when I say that I will only comment on your Arabic one. It’s a promise I made to myself.

    So pleas keep updating that forgotten blog. You have a real beautiful style in Arabic.

  2. It’s not forgotten, wallah. The thing is, just like I said there: lack of inspiration. Hopefully this summer would carry some sweet surprises that get me back to do something that I really enjoy: writing more in Arabic.

  3. Dear Ahmed,
    Please don’t feel discouraged by such skirmishes. This is a challenge and with resilience and dedication, you will certainly win.

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