Mona Eltahawi, an Egyptian journalist who used to …

Mona Eltahawi, an Egyptian journalist who used to write for the op-ed page in Asharq Al-Awsat, writes for IHT about her banning from writing for the pan-Arab newspaper. Although I follow the website of the newspaper in Arabic and English, I have never considered comparing the translated content. “The newspaper in Arabic would abide by the red lines that govern criticism of Arab leaders while in English it ran roughshod over those very same lines,” she said. I have been wondering on what basis they select to translate some columns by writers while ignoring other columns. If this was intended “to show Western readers how liberal it was,” as Eltahawi says, then this damages their reputation and credibility, and they have to do something about it or they will lose their readers.

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  1. I have read both version. Interesting to note the difference in both tone and content.

    I am little impressed with the English writing. The articles by it’s editor, Tariq al Homayed, are awful. Amazing that the man attended university here in the USA.

    My wife know’s him and his family, I guess I have to say that. I am not a fan of the paper, nor it’s rubber stamp nature. I wouldnt place it on the top five of my reads in Arabic.

    I just am not big of state run papers, and al Homayed was appointed to his position by Prince “Madre-Shu” so there you go.

    She should head to a paper like The Independent. Now there is a paper I respect.

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