A very poor performance by the Saudi team. Paqueta…

A very poor performance by the Saudi team. Paqueta made some bad choices; Mohammed Al Deayea and Nawaf Al Temyat would have been much better replacements for Mabrouk Zaid and Mohammed Ameen respectively. According to match statistics, Zaid conceded more than he saved, which a very rare thing to happen by a goalkeeper in the World Cup. I could go on and on, but I’m too depressed.

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  1. believe you me, i am equally disappointed. I was so excited with this match, and although I was not able to watch, a friend updated me, and I became so sad. I just hope they put up a strong performance with Spain which is a very strong team.


  2. The team was beaten before they started the match!
    The very high hopes .. which were based on no substance .. made so much pressure on the guys while inside them .. they know that they don’t really match the other team!

    I don’t think that Paquita choices of players were that bad .. our players are almost of the same quality .. those inside the staduim or on the line!.
    I believe he made wrong choice of tactices trying to go forward after the first goal on us.. that created so much space on the back which the other team used very well.. and luckely missed so many easy chances ..
    and the worst choice was playing with the three guys in the middle in front of the defence (kareeri, ghamid, and aziz) … they made crowdness that produced a miss!

    To be honest.. ..
    If we want things to go well.. we got to fix the whole system .. it is just impossible to get something good out of the miss our soccer lives for the past long years!.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed hoping that our football federation gonna keep the coach for the coming two years .. rathar than firing him after our next last match in the WC!.

  3. We are all depressed, but hey, It’s not something new to Arab teams. They are not well prepared and this should be an expected end.

    I thought that the Saudi team could learn from his mistakes in the previous world cup, but it seems he didn’t. The lack of well preparation is obvious.

  4. its not about mabrook or ameen..its about them all..they were SCARED to touch the ball for God’s sake..

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