Let’s Continue with the Same Spirit

Pictured above, is the late equalizer by Radhi Jaidi which broke our hearts. We were very, very close to the victory but the lack of concentration in the last few seconds was enough to lose our advantage. It is true that we did not perform that well in the first half, but I think the Tunisians would not have scored if it was not for mistakes by our defense. I was afraid that Redha Takar might cause troubles to us, and he certainly did. A poor clearance by Takar made it easy to Ziad Jaziri, man of the match, to hit the net with a great, close shot. That was pretty much everything about the first half, as Tunisians did not make any other serious threats on our goal, while we looked as if we were lost except for some individual efforts by Nawaf and others.

Then comes the second half, and our team looked more focused. It was not too long before Mohammed Nour, who missed an easy chance in front of the Tunisian goalkeeper at the very first minutes after the break, crossed a good ball to Yasser Al Kahtani, who slided between the two central backs to score a great goal. The wise substitutions by Paqueta have given us more control over the ball in the middle, and the three substitutes: Malik Moa’th, Mohammed Ameen Haidar, and Sami Al Jaber, proved this when they created a quick counter attack starting from Ameen, who passed the ball to Mo’ath, and with one touch by the latter to Al Jaber, who made a nice sprint and scored his third goal in four World Cups, writing his name in the records of the history of the beautiful game.

With six minutes to go after the skipper’s goal, I thought we were definitely going to grant the three points, at least because the Carthage Eagles did not look good enough to comeback as they did not have too many real chances in the second half. Yet once again, mistakes of our own defense were fatal. Another poor clearance by Hussein Abdul-Ghani this time allows Ziad Jaziri to follow the ball inside our box. Jaziri lefts the ball to Jaidi who stands unmarked just a few yards from our goal, and there was the header which broke our hearts in the injury time.

Disappointed? Maybe, but overall I’m satisfied with the performance, especially in the second half. Once again, the Brazilian coach Paqueta has proved his managerial skills that we previously saw with Al Hilal, and he must be given credit for the work he has done. Next match is against Ukraine on June 19, and I have to say I’m optimistic, provided that we continue to play with the same spirit we have shown today. Ukraine is a tough side, and their 4-0 defeat on the hands of Spain should not make us underestimate the power of Shevchenko and his teammates. Finally, I want to thank the players for the good game today, and wish them all the best on what’s next.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Continue with the Same Spirit

  1. A draw didnt really favour either side, Saudi need to step up their performance to beat Ukraine… it’s not going to be easy

  2. its amazing that the second goal came from three players that paqueta brought in the second half.
    it was an amazing build up, from infront of the saudi box, to the tunisian net.

    Inshallah, Inshallah, we will get a result out of Ukraine, they will fight back, as they arguably lost from the team that is favorite to get 1st place, now everyone has a chance to get second place, although it looks better for saudi and ukraine.
    Hopefully we will improve, and learn from our mistakes.

    Good luck to our eagles, that made us proud today, even though it was for 7 minutes and 15 seconds (yeah i counted them) but it was the best damn 7’15” in my life.

    9ooty raye7 from all the shouting today.

  3. ok so i’m not a huge fan of saudi football, but i do think if they play the way they’re used to they will win against the Ukraine. Saudi football is unique, europeans dont play the same way so if they act as if they’re playing regular football and stop thinking of it as THE world cup they might actually make it… just a thought.

    oh oh AHMED did you see that gerrard goal?!?!?! oh lord it was heavan just absolutly brilliant

  4. One of the ART analysts said a similar thing last night about Tunisia vs Spain match. He said European sides don’t know how to deal with Asian and African teams because they are not used to play against them. I agree with you that if we did our thing and played our regular football, we might be very close to winning.

    What a beautiful shot it was, and what a great goal by Gerrard. However, England again miserably failed to impress. I was glad they scored the two late goals and that they are through to the next stage, but the performance was so disappointing. I hope they would start to show us some real football in the next matches, especially that Rooney is back.

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