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Two weeks ago I was interviewed by AFP for a story on bloggers from the Gulf, and the story is finally out. I found three different versions of the story so far, but the best one is here. Several Saudi bloggers such as Farooha, Jo, and Saudi Eve are also mentioned in the article, and the agency have published two photos of me to go with the story. They made a mistake though; the Religious Policeman, who recently has decided to quit, is not blocked. On a related note, Aya has a post on We Inform about Saudi bloggers.

6 thoughts on “In the News

  1. Good article, gives us a better image to the rest of the world, but still feel it is a fluff piece with all the talks of politics. There so much more to blogging than the political aspect such as the social networking and interaction.

    Saudi has the biggest blogging community with 300 and then followed by UAE. I find that hard to believe with listing over 300 blogs, and this is after we purged the ones that haven’t posted or discontinued their blogs and I know there are a lot more than aren’t listed.

    But Aya is right that people keep forgetting the forums. They are huge and garner lots of commentary in a community setting. While blogging is a more personal aspect.

  2. Thanks, Roba. The photographer took about 50 photos, and then he chose these two to be published; none of them is my favorite. But I keep the rest of them, and I have a permission for personal use so I might put some of them here some time in the future.

    I was working on the design to compete in the toot design competition, but you launched the contest before I was done with testing it. So, when I read that was not in the top 20 I decided to launch it anyway :-) Do you think I had any chance to win if I launched it earlier?

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