King Abdullah is coming to town today, and the str…

King Abdullah is coming to town today, and the streets of the city are decorated with large posters and everything. I was supposed to go out and take some photos for this stuff, but I was busy watching the World Cup. I’ll probably find some time tomorrow to go out and take the after party pictures.

6 thoughts on “King Abdullah is coming to town today, and the str…

  1. dear ahmad,

    in the footer, you spelled “content” as “Conetnt”. no biggie …

    i think you should put the “common license” logo on the sidebar.

    and maybe set the blog so it only shows the first 3 lines of the old posts, thus making it not so long? we do that at aqoul & it works quite well.



  2. Corrected. Thank, raf*. I don’t know if Blogger can show excerpts of old posts, but I will try to make less posts appear on the homepage.

    Yousef: I’ll try to do it, but can’t promise anything.

  3. Very professional and Neat. But I still prefere your desing of your “Yawmyat” arabic blog. and I don’t like the idea of the footer, you put all the information of the footer in the side bar, and it will look much better (in my opinion of course).

  4. Abed, I’m glad you liked Yawmyat redesign. I was kind of disappointed that I did not have much positive response on that. Regarding the footer, I’m still experimenting with this, and probably it would be more useful when I make the homepage shorter.

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