Read Eve from Here

So they think they can prevent us from reading Eve‘s blog? Well, they can’t. There are several ways to go around the censorship, and here is some of these ways. First, you can use the box below to subscribe, and you will receive a weekly email carrying the latest updates from the blog:

You can also use another proxy to access the blog by going to a website like this. The website mentioned there is blocked now, but I know of a similar website and I don’t want to put here because I don’t want them to block it too. If you were interested in using something like this, please drop me a line: saudijeans at gmail dot com. Finally, if are using a news reader to keep up with your favorite blogs, you can subscribe to Eve’s blog feed and get her latest posts syndicated to you as soon as they are published.

8 thoughts on “Read Eve from Here

  1. haha Ahmed..I guess it is worth it huh?? wink wink.
    Anyhow..doesn’t that prove my point that those who are trying to control are just not too swift? Was/is Eve a politically charged blog? I cannot imagine..(I’ll try to check her out later on)

  2. hey dude…uhhh i know this isnt really the place but i kinda appreciate it if u add my blog to the saudiblogs site, seein as i sent that form a couple of times with no success. if u need anything just drop me a comment. Thanx dude.

  3. You are welcome, Doomy. I’ve just checked your blog for the first time, and it’s nice. Welcome to the Saudi blgosphere :-)

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