Worth It?

Few weeks ago, I was hanging out with a friend of mine, when he told me that he has been worried over my safety. “Look, I like what you do with your blog,” he said, “but I’m afraid that you might get yourself in some serious troubles.” To be honest, I tend to have such concerns from time to time, but I try to assure myself that I’m not doing anything wrong, so why be afraid? But then, it comes to strike me again: you would never know. Here, Rabah Al-Quaie was arrested, and in Egypt about 40 bloggers are still jailed since May. “Sometimes, it’s not worth it to lose four or five years of your life,” my friend, who is about 10 years older than myself, said. “Even when you believe.”

But I feel like I can’t stop now, not even anytime soon. It is really confusing, because when I think about it, it is not only about myself, but also about those people around me who love me so much, and whom I don’t want to hurt. The question remains: worth it, or not?

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  1. طالما أنك تناقش قضايا المجتمع بعيداً عن السياسة و الحكام فأنت في السليم إن شاء الله ..

    كلنا نناقش قضايا المجتمع في مدوناتنا .. و مجتمعنا كله عيوب ..
    كلنا نسب و نلعن شركة الإتصالات السعودية ..
    و كلنا نسب و نكره الخطوط الجوية السعودية و أخطاءها
    و كلنا منزعجون من البنية التحتية العقيمة في البلد

    أما الخط الأحمر – بالنسبة لي أنا – فهو الدين و السياسة

    كل ما عدا ذلك … يجوز ..

    هذا رأيي .. و هو ليس بجديد .. أكثرنا لا يحب المغامرة في السياسة
    بعضهم يسموننا جبناء .. و البعض يسموننا عقلاء

    ما رأيك

  2. بالمناسبة ..

    هل الرد باللغة العربية ممنوع في مدونتك ؟

    ولا عادي ؟

  3. Sometimes the lines are not clear between religion, politics, and social issues: they affect each other, whether we like it or not. I don’t attack persons, religion, or society; I try to highlight and criticize the wrong things about them in order to correct them.

    P.S. You are welcome to use any language you are comfortable with.

  4. Don’t ever give up voicing your opinions and thoughts and don’t let anyone scare you out of it either.

    It’s your universal right a human being to speak your mind, but giving that you still live in Saudi, I would make your identity private, which is not a sellout, but more of a reasonable precaution.

    good luck.

  5. Ahmed, it sounds like your Arabic friends (I don’t know who’s saudi or not) are giving you the “yes you should”..but since I have been part of the online campaign ‘bloggers against torture’..I have to tell you I have read some ugly things. Just think, that the US has been shipping ‘suspects’ to other countries, such as KSA by way of extraordinary rendition, so that they could pretend to be legally absolved by having another country torture them..I say it’s not. The internet for everyone, even those in the supposed ‘free’ Western democracies are no doubt being monitored. The internet might make one feel ‘safe’ and sometimes people will say more than they would in person..for example flamers etc. If you have at all read any of the Religious Policeman’s posts in the past, I am sure you must have come across situations in KSA where people got arrested without rule of law and had to endure floggings and other corporal punishments. I say listen to your friend who’s older and a wee bit wiser? If rule of law is established and people in general can speak more freely without retribution, go to town. Other than that, do think twice but don’t become a tame blogger either. I think you’re smart enough to do so, you’re a good writer. Hint hint..since the forces of ignorance (!) are not too swift..you can always try writing in between the lines, if you know what I mean.
    That’s my two cents worth..

  6. In the best case scenario you (and your alikes) might establish “desired?” changes in the KSA. On the other hand, worse case scenario could be: you jailed, flogged etc. 

I believe causing changes in a particular political, social, economic or any other system can only be reached through hard work, commitment and also through personal sacrifices.

    I believe you should continue expressing your opinions and thoughts freely and to the full extend, regardless what the consequences might be. If you’re absolutely 100% behind your opinions and want to establish a particular change to elevate particular circumstances, I believe it’s absolutely worth it.

    Keep up the excellent work! You’ve got my 200% support.

  7. @Rasheed: Thanks.

    @Somah: Maybe keeping my identity secret, but I feel more more comfortable with using my real name; I don’t like hiding.

    @Ingrid: Actually, since he talked to me I started to think thrice (not just twice ;-) before posting anything.

    @Anon: I think it’s worth it too, but I’m in doubt. Thanks for your support.

  8. Ahmad, I think it’s much easier said than done.

    I believe one should express his opinion freely without restrictions. However, there is no such thing as an absolute right. Any right is subject to several boundaries and restrictions like “local” laws and customs. Whether these laws and customs are justifiable, is in my view a very relative question.
    As for the “personal sacrifices” part. True! Changes could be established through personal sacrifices. But the question is: how many personal sacrifices are needed to establish such a change and is the majority in favour of that specific change?
    Based on what I read from your blog so far, I believe you’re intelligent and wise to determine for yourself how far are you willing to go and what price are you possibly willing to pay.

    Keep it up.

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