I want to start another blog (for different type o…

I want to start another blog (for different type of writings), and I’d like to try the new blogging platform Vox. If you have an extra invitaion please let me know. Thanks.

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  1. why not wordpress?
    and why do u need another blog for?
    u got an english one, and an arabic one, what language would the third one be ? :P

  2. I can hook you up with wordpress hosting. You got the domain will just take a snap then you can import your posts to it.

  3. @Yazeed: I wanted to start a private blog where I can keep notes and other stuff that are unblogable, and thought it might be a good idea to try it on this new blogging platform that everybody has been praising. And BTW, I’m thinking about starting a new blog in Arabic where I can write on politics, sports, and social issues, and keep Yawmyat for my personal writings.

    @Nibaq: Thanks for the offer. I like WordPress; it’s a piece of art actually, and I want to move SJ to WP. But there is one problem: Where can I find a template that can go with my current style of blogging (short untitled posts + normal posts)? If I could find a template which resemble/mimic my current design I would move right away. I was really frustrated over the past two days as Blogger has been acting really weird, but the thing is, I have become an expert (well, kinda) on working with Blogger templates now.

  4. i dont think u need to title the posts in wordpress, so you can have something similar to what you have now.
    playing with the template is not that hard as i found out. the problem is that i dont have the time to learn how to do something major to the template. which hopefully i will get around into doing someday :)

  5. I will try to take a look at the WP code. I guess it uses PHP, which I don’t know anything about, but will try anyway. Now if I only could find someone to help me out with this…

  6. well i found php similar to html, atleast i understoond what is meant by all the tags
    also i think taking c++ and matlab in university somewhat helped me in understanding the layout of the code,
    well etha ga3d itgi6 naqza, throw it at nibaq :P

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