Happy Birthday Blog, Me

When I started blogging two years ago I never thought I would come this far. I did not expect that I would keep on doing this for this long, because I’m such a moody person and I get bored quickly. Nevertheless, here we are, on the second anniversary of Saudi Jeans, and it just feels great. What started as a fun toy to play with has become an integral part of my life that I’m enjoying the most. Through this blog I’ve met some great people, and had some really interesting experiences.

I want to thank all readers, especially those who leave comments, and I apologize to them because I can’t find time to keep up with all comments. I wish I had more time. I wish I had more time for comments, more time to read, write, travel, and do many things, but oh… that’s another post.

On a related note, my 22nd birthday will be on May 30, and as much as I’d like to throw a part and invite all of you to celebrate, I won’t be able to do so because I need a break from blogging to focus more on my studies as my finals are coming soon (to the curious: I won’t be studying 24/7. The amount of studying won’t be increased that much, but I need to free myself from some stuff to get more time to relax). I’ll be back on the first week of June, with many posts on the World Cup, blogging, and a whole lotta things. See you later.

24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Blog, Me


    i am a more or less ‘new’ fan of ur blog,, but i am not surprised that u’ve been blogging for two years.. keep the good work up.. this blog is very impressive.. good luck with ur exams,, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY (mo8addaman)..


  2. Congrats Ahmed!
    I hope you keep up Saudi Jeans, because I really like to read what you write. Don’t turn into one of the dramatic bloggers and just delete it one day :|

    Happy Birthday! Dude you have to throw a party. I wanna see booze and lots of floozies!

  3. Happy Birthday Ahmad…

    seems it will be boring till june, alot of bloggers are going off line to prepare for the final exams!!!

  4. Oh my god! Anonymous – now that is what I call a blog-terrorist. Posting nasty, ignorant, cowardly, anonymous comments. Oh well…

    Happy Birthday SJ =) and Good luck with finals.

  5. happy birthday Saudi Jeans!
    ahmed, i love your blog iv been reading it for a while now.
    keep up the good work :)

  6. Happy Birthday! Ive been reading ur blog for quite some time now and have to say its very impressive, its very interesting to see ur obvious political interest in your country. Its refreshing to see a motivated saudi youth voicing an opinion. I think there should definitely be more Saudi men like you. Happy Birthday n keep up the good work, yu would make an excellent reporter btw.

  7. Happy birthday! I didn’t realize how addicted to you blog I had become until now. I’m missing your updates, so come back soon, please!

  8. You know, I knew you were going to be ‘out’ until June and ehem..it’s JUNE already!
    can’t wait to see you posting again, I’m sure you had a relaxing time (relative speaking what with your exams etc.) not having to post anything..hope all is well with you and your family back home,

  9. Ahmed,
    It is great to raed yr blog. I saw a newsitem on you the other day in Arab News. Keep it up.

  10. my b-day is also on the 30th of May =)
    i deeply hope each one of us will have a remarkable day :D
    enjoyyy ur life.. and dont 4get 2 have fun

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