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During a recent tourism promotion expo in Dubai, Prince Sultan bin Salman, head of SCT, told the reporters that Saudi Arabia promises tourists a unique experience, with “lots of nightlife.” So, nightlife in Saudi Arabia, huh? Actually, it can be pretty exciting: you have to play hide and seek to enter a shopping mall, which can be fun and challenging. Then, you will be chased by the religious police, and that will raise your adrenaline to the maximum level. After the crazy chasing, you will probably be thirsty, so you can stop somewhere nearby to get your glass of Saudi Champagne. You see, it’s all good.

OK, I think I got a little bit carried away. The general secretary of SCT emphasized that the term ‘nightlife’ for Saudis tends to mean wholesome family activities — rather than what may be enjoyed after dark in the West. Damn! I was so close to make a toast to SCT, but I guess I will hold my glass for now. Just for the sake of argument: How many of you consider the boring family gathering a ‘nightlife’ activity?

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  1. Family nightlife sucks here lets be real. I’m a family and I don’t go out at night here period. I won’t let my kids run around the corniche with all the other zillions of families because it is unsafe, trashy, and plain boring. What “nightlife” is this guy thinking of?

    Lets see.. sitting by be beach front as camels, horses and ponys walk by dumping feces. Some who are not properly taken care of, others who are abused by those that pay a few riyal to jump on them.

    spreading out a blanket on the beach front admist all the trash that people have left behind. “Becareful watch that broken glass” isn’t a thing I want to keep yelling to my children. Ohhh how about playind ‘dodge that car’ as one even tries to get into these places.

    Amusement parks.. only if you are on some suicide mission.

    Eating out.. how much fast food can people take?

    LOL nightlife.. there isn’t any. Lets not fool ourselves and suggest there are ‘family’ things to do. laying out a blanket and letting spoiled children roam freely isn’t represenative of ‘nightlife’ either.

  2. I remember very well the nightlife in Riyadh. For us foreign teenagers (I was 15 then), it meant our parents went over to the home of some friends for a dinner party or barbeque, while I remained at home and watched my two younger siblings while ensuring my schoolwork was complete for the next day. Fun… not!

    Fast-forward to today… the nightclubs of Toronto, Boston, and New York all sound glamourous to many in the kingdom (rightly so), but beleive me, after ten years plus of doing the club-hopping scene, I got bored of dealing with all the phonies who show up at these venues. It is all fun for a time, but really sits on one’s last living nerve after a while. I now host my own dinner parties and back yard barbeques. I’m a good cook, I have good tunes on the stereo, lots of good friends who are invited, so it really is more fun than the clubs and bars.

  3. my great great grandfather is a semite. ok, so i used to call him an Arab. but if Arab men are talking like this, i’m feeling a bit shy. really. my grandfather wasn’t like this. he travelled the seas to come here. & i do like to keep thinking of him think of him as a wholesome family man. the clubbing guy is… scary. & thank God he wasn’t.

    maybe that Arab doctor who was so nice to me in hospital, saved you guys. he expelled whatever clubby saudi men image you state. i like him better that way.

    & turns out, the best guy i really think good thoughts know, maintains the same jewish guy. how i like to have hopes for arabs, but reading this — only God remains the love in my heart. sigh.

    i really like the jewish guys very much. & i hope he doesn’t club. he even talks about his mother. he makes jokes. very wholesome, how can one not love him.

  4. well i stayed in jeddah for 5 years and when it was time for us to leave and come back to kuwait i was crying for a week i didnt want to go backto kuwait yes kuwait imagine when u love a country u love all whats there bad or good believe me we have the hottest tempretures ever but i find it chalenging to go suntan on the beach so make everything an adventure to love ilike ur hide and seek mall game
    u can find a nice and easy way to enjoy nightlife in saudiarabia it doesnt have to be clubbing drinkng ets save it for other countries
    saudiarabis is the pride of arabs and this is coming from a kuwaiti gal
    i love you saudi arabi

  5. do u have to drink and go out with woman to engoy life. Ok i want to go out tonight with your sister. Is that ok with you. I have been in saudi for many years and i enjoy it, my kids too. far from the US and the night life in LA.

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