Ethics? What Ethics? Show Me the Money!

Reuters has a story on blogging in Saudi Arabia. The story has quotes by Raed al-Saeed, Farooha, and me. The reporter contacted me for this story, but he published it before I was able to reply to him, so he used a part from one of my posts. The story says that the Religious Policeman did not comment on OCSAB, which is not true.

But for me, there are two things that I find interesting: a) OCSAB are seeking financial backing from the government, and b) what al-Saeed said on “that there is some ethics of blogging.” I don’t know how these guys are thinking, but to ask for money from the government? Really? That simply means you are not independent anymore. Who wants to sacrifice his independence and credibility for some riyals? And now to the ethics part, I have only one thing to say here: Seriously? Don’t let me get into that, because these guys are the last people to talk about ethics. Maybe they can use the money they will get from the government to buy some ethics.

UPDATE: Raed al-Saeed reacts to the story, and says the reporter has misquoted him. I wonder why, for some reason, people always fail to undertand these guys. I also wonder what kind of claims he is talking about.