Peaceful Revolution

Egosurfing is not my favorite thing to do in my free time online (it’s not good for any blogger’s health), but it can be useful every once in awhile to check out who’s linking to you, because you might find something interesting, or offending, that has been said about you.

Recently, during a short session of egosurfing, I found something interesting, but it wasn’t actually about me. Nour, a blogger from UAE, thinks that the internet can do for the Arab World what the printing press did for Europe, helping them to find the way out of the Dark Age. “A Revolution is bubbling underneath the shrouds of ignorance. It will not happen overnight, but everyday is a step closer to it,” and when she says revolution, she doesn’t “necessarily mean overthrow-the-government-in-a-bloody-coup type of revolution. I mean an intellectual revolution, a social revolution, a religious revolution, a cultural revolution.”

3 thoughts on “Peaceful Revolution

  1. You know Ahmed, I got that book blogging for dummies (yep, that’s me) and somehow that backtrack and permalinking thingies, I just don’t ‘get it’.
    Once I figure out how to do a blog roll or the equivalent of it, I’ll definitely put you on that list. Heck, I do mention you as much as it warrants!
    I’ll work on that email I promised this weekend…

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