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As the local football season has come to an end last Friday, Markus Paqueta, the manager of the national team, has announced what’s supposed to be his final choice of players who would represent Saudi Arabia in the FIFA World Cup this summer in Germany. So, I thought it would be fun if I posted the names of my favorite 23, hoping you would post your favorites too (this is not only for Saudis; if you are a football fan you can post your choice of players for your favorite team and tag others to do the same too).

Mohammed Al Deaie (Al Hilal); Mabrouk Zayed (Al Ittihad); A’adel Al Musaileem (Al Ahli).

Ahmed Al Dokhi, Hamad Al Montasheri, Usama Al Muwallad (Al Ittiad); Abdul-Aziz Al Khathran (Al Hilal); Kamil Al Mousa (Al Wehda); Ahmed Al Bahri (Al Ittifaq); Hussain Abdul-Ghani, Mohammed Masa’ad (Al Ahli).

Khaled Azeez, Omar Al Ghamdi, Abdul-Lateef Al Ghannam, Nawaf Al Temyat, Mohammed Al Shelhoub (Al Hilal); Saud Kareeri, Mohammed Nour (Al Ittihad); Taiseer Al Jasim (Al Ahli)

Sami Al Jaber, Yassir Al Qahtani, Ahmed Al Swaileh (Al Hilal); Sa’ad Al Harthi (Al Nassr).

I know that most of Saudi bloggers out there are females, but I thought there might be a few fellow bloggers and football fans who would enjoy this. So, I’d like to tag Al Mohareb, Shahed, and all interested football fans.

P.S. Some of the players mentioned above were on loan to other teams during this season, but I’ve decided to put the names of their original teams here. Is it surprising that my choice contains no players from Al Shabab, the winners of the Saudi league title for this season?

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  1. Here in Germany it is all about the Goalkeeper position. Lehmann is the official choice but most people still want Oliver Kahn in the Goal. My favorite player is Misolave Klose (I totally misspelled that). He plays for Werder Bremen in the German national Leagues, which is my favorite team . . . because it is my husband’s favorite team . . . hey that is a good reason!

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