Donna Abu-Nasr describes eating out in Riyadh as "…

Donna Abu-Nasr describes eating out in Riyadh as “an unusual experience,” which is quite true. Luckily, we, guys, don’t have to live in what I’d like to call The Hell of Partitions when we dine out, but I really feel sorry for those who do. Abu-Nasr did not even talk about the increasing number of restaurants in Riyadh that prohibit females without a male guardian (mahram), which is also awful and shameful. It is really depressing when something as simple as dining out becomes a police matter.


One thought on “Donna Abu-Nasr describes eating out in Riyadh as "…

  1. Yes, That is so sad because those woman can become rocket scientist if they wear jeans, drink alcohl and dine out alone and go to clubs.
    Arabs open your eyes…Arabs do all these things all the time. Saudi Arabians not really are muslims. You can bash Arabs as much as you can but don’t relate to them to Islam. you Dumb and dumber. Donna Abu Nasr is a puppet. She is making money by finding things in Islam. Try to find what is Pro-Life and what is the basis of it? True people stick to their beliefs and don’t sell themselves for Alcohl and Women

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