Yesterday’s post has brought me a major series of flashbacks. Like yesterday three years ago, when there was no Saudi Jeans, and during a lecture of the infamous 101 SLM course, I received a short message from my cousin Tahani, saying, “What do I get if I told you I got some great news for you?” I replied: “You deserve all good things in life, but what are you talking about?” (تستاهلين كل خير، بس شالسالفة؟). “Surprise! You have a new baby brother!”

It was a surprise because my mom was at the beginning of the eighth month. I remember sending a message to everyone like this: “Hey, my name is Mohammed Al-Omran. I was born today, 17 Rabie’ Al Awal 1424, and my mom and I are healthy and feeling very well. My brother Ahmed is happy to announce this. Bye.” I feel connected to this little guy in a way I never experienced with any of my brothers before. Probably it has something to do with the big age difference (about 20 years), but I really like it.

I remember how when my father (may his soul rest in peace) passed away about 20 months ago, I thought he won’t be affected because he was too little. I was wrong; because of the atmosphere of sadness and mourning around him, he got really ill, and we got confused because he was physically ok. Thank God we all have passed through these tough times.

Feeling this connected to this boy isn’t all good, because I live in Riyadh now, and not seeing him grow up is plainly painful to me. Every time I go home after spending a month or two in Riyadh, I found that many things had changed about him, and I always wish that I could be there with him. I’m glad I will be visiting my family this weekend, and I’m gonna hold him in my hands, hug him, and kiss him on his soft cheeks. Probably this is the most emotional post that I have ever written on SJ. I have a pharmaceutical chemistry midterm in less than two hours, so I have to go now. See you later.

5 thoughts on “Memories

  1. mabrook! I am sure you must be feeling elated. I went through the same thing when my nephew was born last year, and I still havent seen him…there are times when I wish i could just catch the next flight to London just to see my nephew…and I agree with you, i feel like I am missng out on a lot by watching my newphew grow in front of me. Make the most of your visit home, and take lots of pics..!

  2. awww…Alf mabrook!
    There is a 13-years difference between me and my youngest sister. I find it very sad as well to miss out on watching her grow while I’m abroad.
    Good luck on your test =)

  3. That was a beautiful post. I was glad to read it. And I’m sorry to know of your dad’s passing. That’s a really difficult step in life, whenever it happens.

  4. The worest part is when they ask you not to leave and to stay with them. Then you have to explain for them that it’s just for a while and that the next time you come back you’ll get them a gift :)

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