Have a Nice Day

I guess OCSAB (I’m not linking to them this time, they had more than their fair share) should thank me, because my post about them has generated traffic and links for them far more than they could actually create over the past two months ;-) This should not anger the OSCRAP – oops, excuse me, I mean the OCSAB guys, because as you all know: there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Let me make this clear: I’m not getting into some flame-war over this. In spite of all hurdles, SaudiBlogs.org has been around for a long time, and its blogroll is the most comprehensive list of Saudi blogs out there. It is true that the website in total is not yet launched (due to some many technical problems), but the blogroll is regularly updated. I still receive new requests to join every other week or so, and I keep adding new blogs to the list as soon as I can. Anyways, in case you have not noticed, my post was followed by some remarkable additions by the likes of Farah, Aya, the Sandmonkey, and Roba. Have a nice day, everybody.

One thought on “Have a Nice Day

  1. I’m glad there are blogs like this one that do not adhere to OCSAB’s guidelines. This way I can get personal views about the Kingdom rather than being limited to the official line and dawah. Apparently OCSAB believes that honest opinions are only for those who know Arabic and not meant for outsiders to see. Oh, wait, since “liberalism and secularism” are no good anyway, honest opinions are right out, except for those particular opinions OCSAB likes. Thanks for sharing your views with the world.

    I actually checked the OCSAB link, curious to see whether there would be any English there. For some reason, the name’s there in English, but everything else apparently isn’t my business.

    What’s an “official blog”, anyway?

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