According to a recent study, nine in 10 Saudi wome…

According to a recent study, nine in 10 Saudi women revealed they are unhappy with their physical appearance.

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  1. Ahmed,
    that really surprises me because unlike the West where boys and girls mingle at school (elementary up to high school) and are in their formative years, getting in subtle and not so subtle ways feedback about their appearance, how do saudi girls/women figure that they do not ‘compary’ with other women? Saudi women are usually not shown on tv or magazine ads so where do they get this from? Hopefully not from those tacky BayWatch type shows their families might see on satelite tv.
    It’s a shame. There is a Dutch saying (which might translate silly) “there is a cup for every saucer”..meaning, there is someone for everyone ..

  2. and 10 out of 10 have very little concerns besides that.

    Ingrid– you know how it is, girls with girls are perhaps 10 times as vicious as when they are in mixed company. An obsession with vogue of course exacerbates. In the end, we’re like all the female species in the world.. only with less outlets, and as a result a lot more vanity.

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