Remember the Beckham blurred/pixelated poster? Ash…

Remember the Beckham blurred/pixelated poster? Asharq Al-Awsat has a story (Arabic) on the solutions advertising agencies in Saudi Arabia employ to work around this wahhabi traditions that prevent the appearance of human faces in photos. The latest trend now is to make the model in the ad wear a pair of sunglasses; something I have not noticed until recently.

The irony is that no one in the advertising agencies know exactly who is responsible for this pixelization of their artwork. Is it the ministry of commerce, the ministry of Islamic affairs, or the religious police? Nobody knows.

4 thoughts on “Remember the Beckham blurred/pixelated poster? Ash…

  1. …and I still wanna know why the pictures of the kings and princes that adorn every public place in the country is not pixellated or censored like the faces of the models are….double standards or what?

  2. at least they came up with a creative way to advertise

    9idq eli qal mn yeshof mo9ebat ‘3erah tehon 3alih mo9ebtah !!

  3. Looking at the photo, it appears to me to be an artifact of enlarging the original digital image too much.

    The enlarged image is made to be seen from a distance, not close-up. I think you’d find the same effect if you blew up any digital image (or any printed image, for that matter).

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