Justice, the Saudi Style

Ali Al Ramadhan, owner of a restaurant in Qateef, where two girls has worked for only four hours about a year and a half ago, was sentenced with 90 lashes for “violation of morals and honor,” Abir Jaber, a reporter for Asharq Al-Awsat, wrote on her blog (Arabic). This is unfair and unacceptable. The owner did not violate the labor law when he employed the two girls. If the judge thinks the owner has violated the so-called morals and honor then he could tell him to behave, not to lash him in public. Al Ramadhan went to the court to finish the paperwork for the lawsuit when the judge asked him for a private meeting, and told him the sentence. No lawyer, no witnesses, no trial, no nothing! Justice, the Saudi style. What I really want to know is: who the hell sued the man in the name of what law, and what kind of judge is this to accept the lawsuit and pass such a sentence?

I think King Abdullah will have to step in once again and stop this nonsense. He has to interfere in this case, as he has done in several cases before, not just to save the innocent man, but also to support his position on women’s rights.

6 thoughts on “Justice, the Saudi Style

  1. What’s so unmoral about hiring waitresses if they were dressed modestly and behaved in a respectful way !!

    I wouldn’t wanna work as a waitress bs if my country/the country I live in doesn’t provide me with a proper job to support myself then I should be free to work wherever I want.

    Btw, the link is broken!

  2. Salam bro, nice blog.
    As a Saudi, I need you to do me a favor: can you find out if there is a well or an area near the town of al-Haql that is called KATEF or something the like?
    Thank you!
    (Sorry if this comment went to a wrong blog input, I am new to blogging)
    You can email me at aoude@hotmail.com

  3. I bet that that is arbitrarily enforced and depends on tattle tales complaining when it actually is.
    What a shame that that is going on. Do you really think that the King would intervene Ahmed? Has he ever before? Just wondering

  4. Brother. Excellent blog. Behind the smokescreen you are the people shouting out to the world. Keep up the good work.

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