Photo Sharing!

Three photos from a recent visit to Azizia Mall in northern Riyadh:

Here is where I had my lunch that day. The weird thing: I have not seen any bachelor girls around ;-)

Curious to know what they are selling in this area? It’s actually the recordings store inside HyperBanda, a place that the Religious Police think women should not be allowed to enter. Now I know that women are not allowed to enter such places around the Kingdom, and I think this is stupid, but I’m wondering why the Muttawa’s are keeping their eyes closed and their mouths shut regarding the fact that women enter the Rotana Music Store in Al Mamlaka Mall and MegaStar in Al Faisalia Mall freely with no problem at all.

That’s David Beckham, right? OK, he’s easily recognizable, but take a closer look and you will see that the poor man’s face is blurred. You want to know why? Read the last line at the previous photo: this is also “as instructed by Haya’a.”

7 thoughts on “Photo Sharing!

  1. Funny pics! I too wonder why females are not allowed in the music shops. However, in Jeddah, my sister and other female friends go in with no shame and actually buy music. I think Jeddah is more open to seeing women in music shops. No one raises an eyebrow nor do we see any billboards asking women to stay out.

  2. So why can I go into any music shop I please in al-Khobar? Are there signs that I’m missing and ignoring, or are things different in the EP?

  3. if they wanted females they would have said “bachelors and bachelorettes” … it would have been nice if they said that … I love the “singles only” sign … very progressive lol

  4. About the photo thing, a lot of people have told me that it is not right to put up pictures or photographs of people because it like recreation and only God can create men.Photography of people is frowned upon. Fair enough, but no one can answer me my question of why there are tonnes of non-blurred photos of the kings and princes all over the country, from the malls to the offices? Why arent their pictures pixellized or blurred? Hypocrisy or what?

  5. Sorry for my ignorance, but could you please how can you tell a girl is married or not married. Because whenver we think of Saudi Arabia, we think of girls covered from head to toe. So, how can one tell?

  6. oh those hay2a want the bachelors & bachelorettes to be no longer single, eh?
    to hook-up in the ‘single area’

  7. lol hypocrisy at its best. So its okay for everyone and their mama to watch crap and whatnot in the comfort of their bedroom on cable tv but its not okay for women to go to a Music records store? Give us a break.

    KL you can’t really tell if a lady is married by her physical appearance unless she is wearing a wedding ring. There is no way to tell by their hijab or abaya.

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