The Charity Violation!

In today’s Arab News:

Local authorities have not sanctioned a women’s race for charity at Durrat Al-Arous Resort as was reported by a local Arabic daily, a spokesman at the Makkah Governorate said yesterday.

“The Makkah governor has instructed the authorities to prevent such races and investigate the matter,” the Saudi Press Agency quoted the spokesman as saying.

He said the government would not allow any activity that violates Islamic teachings and Saudi traditions.

I want to understand one thing; just one thing: how a women’s race for charity could possibly violate Islamic teachings? (And no, I don’t give a shit about Saudi traditions because there is no such thing as Saudi traditions. In this huge country, every region and every city has its own set of traditions.)

5 thoughts on “The Charity Violation!

  1. The Prophet (pbuh) used to race with Aisha (ra) so I dont know what they mean by “not allow any activity that violates Islamic teachings and Saudi traditions”

    I’m guessing they, like many other things, have the two mixed up. culture entwines with religion and religion entwines with culture until it gets to a point where the ancient contrast becomes white on white.

  2. recently the girls school board reiterated their position that banned any exercise programs in schools. I blogged about this, wanting so much for my girl to exercise and how rediculous this is even with the claims of “religion and saudi culture” give me a break.

    So its no surprise to me, that this now public charity womans race which has been going on for years, is shut down. The thought of woman running, possibly boobs flying all over the place w/out a good support bra probably would send you weak saudi men into some sexual frenzy foaming at the mouth trying to jump the wall to take a peek. (this is called sarcasm)

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