It is good that Shaden has written about this, bec…

It is good that Shaden has written about this, because I was going to but totally forgot about it when I was writing my previous post. Just like her, and actually at the same time with her, I have finally met Marc “Abu Aardvark” Lynch in the hotel lobby this morning for a few minutes, just about two hours before my flight to Dammam. It was funny, because I’ve been following his blog for sometime, but when I saw him at the forum, I did not know that he was actually the guy. I knew who he was later on the first day, and it was a coincidence that we were at the same table for dinner, but I was too shy to introduce myself to him, so I didn’t. The next day, after we finished our dinner, we, me and my friends, were entering the hotel with Amira Howeidy, when we saw Marc walking in the lobby. Amira knows Marc, so she went to talk to him. I had another chance to introduce myself, but I was shy again, so I left with my friends. Around midnight, I got back to my room to find a comment by him, saying “you could have introduced yourself!” I sent him an email, but I know that he could not read it because he told us when we, me and Shaden, met him in the morning that he did not have a net connection.


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  1. You dont come across as a shy person. I wonder what happened to you that day…i just did not think you were a shy person because you come across as a very confident and assertive person, which is a good thing. I used to be shy in approaching people, but over time have learnt to approach people directly.


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