Michael Jackson was seen shopping in Bahrain on We…

Michael Jackson was seen shopping in Bahrain on Wednesday, wearing abaya. (via Sabbah)

13 thoughts on “Michael Jackson was seen shopping in Bahrain on We…

  1. U’ve been tagged :-D, newblogger so I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing but I know u’ve been chosen randomly like I was

  2. I still miss living/working in the MidEast but I am sure glad that Bahrain has to worry about Micheal Jackson now :-) … he was too much of an embarassment to the US. Good luck with him!

  3. Ahmad what do u mean by the problem is at your end cos i can’t read the last lines of the las comment ?? it was normal with me before but now i dont know what happened ??

    Ahmad what do u mean by what happened to my blog ???i thought u didn’t visit it before

  4. The problem is with Internet Explorer. Try using Firefox for a better, faster, and much more pleasant browsing experience.

    Sorry, I thought you were another Jawaher. My mistake. But as of today, I will start to read your blog, and if you write something really good and I like it, I will for sure link to it.

  5. how is mj getting away with this? this is against the religion…HOW is he GETTING AWAY dressed as a WOMAN when anyone else would be fined or worse???

  6. Mikey…I usually do not say anything to anyone else who comments…but, I’m sorry, but Michael is/was NOT an embarresment to the USA. Why can’t people just drop all the negative stuff because he was not found guilty of any of those charges and he has done nothing except be himself good to the people of the USA.

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