Elaph has some photos for the female supporters fr…

Elaph has some photos for the female supporters from the Saudi-Sweden match, and there was at least one Saudi woman in the audience.

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  1. dude, so what if there were saudi female supporters in the saudi match??
    females are allowed to go when we are playing against a foreign nation, its an itnernational friendly, its the only kind of match that they’ll have fun attending. And STOP giving foreigners bull shit to sterotype saudis with. Most people who read ur blogs are bored pot smoking teenagers, or foreigners who hate saudi that ur feeding even more hate to. Who the fuck would have something good to say about saudi after reading ur bull shit?? Quit being a big girl and look for something to do. im a saudi who lived in europe most of my life, and im tired of people here mentioning what ur saying in ur blogs. You got some problems with saudi? GO TALK TO SOMEONE WHO CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, instead of moaning about it on the internet..

  2. Hey Ahmed, that women is obvsiously not Saudi. She’s a Swedish with western eyes, if you look hard you can notice that. Hope we can see Saudi women fans soon.

  3. Unbelievable! ISU has blocked the photos from Elaph! The website is still there, the story is still there, but they blocked the photos from it! Anyways, for those of you who want the photos, I can send them to you via email. Just leave your email here in the comments.

  4. For me, it’s not a big deal at all. But for many people in this country and around the world it could be, and I think it is.

  5. Abdullah, Why are you so upset? You have no idea how groundbreaking this is. What an event! It doesn’t matter if these are Saudi,or non Saudi women, just the fact that these people were allowed to attend a sporting event with their families INCLUDING women was good new and deserves to be in the limelight. I mean ,the ground didn’t open up and swallow everybody,the world didn’t come to an end, and it didn’t degenerate into some sort of orgy because men and women were occupying the same stadium. Guess what Abdullah,women do have to put up witha lot of really stupid @#$T here. Why be silent about it? Does it embarrass you? Then you must work for change. Talking about an issue out in the open is the first step to resolving it. Making people aware of injustice is not complaining. Just what do you thing blogging is for? It is for anyone,including you to say or discuss anything that you feel strongly about. If you don’t like what is said, write your comment, then go somewhere else or start your own blog. Meanwhile I await the good time I may have someday attending a sporting event with my entire family in the eastern province.

  6. well i can not access elaph website any more because it is blocked here in saudia arabia those of you who know how to aceess elap are kindly requested to send me the link best regards

  7. بالله عليكم أخبرونى كيف يمكننى استخدام الفير فوكس فى فتح موقع جريدة ايلاف أو المواقع التى تقع تحت طائلة الحجب السعودى
    وشكرا جزيلا

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