Arab News reports that Saudi students with scholar…

Arab News reports that Saudi students with scholarships to study in the United States are struggling to get their visas in time for admission. It is not just the US. Thanks to the September 11 bombers, Saudis are struggling to get visas for every country. I have been trying to apply for a UK visa for about two weeks, and every time I think I’m done, they surprise with another request. Many of the requirements they asked for were not even mentioned on their website or on the application form.

2 thoughts on “Arab News reports that Saudi students with scholar…

  1. Hello Ahmed,

    Yes, thanks to September11 bomber, I am one of thier victims!! I use to study there but I could not complete my study there due to the September11th events

    Good luck for the ones who are trying now

  2. Sounds rather like trying to get a Saudi visa. Such as the time they changed things so that everyone had to have ‘manager’ in their title. Everyone had to wait a while in the UAE to change their residence visa job title to something with ‘manager’ in it. The result – a two week wait before anyone in the UAE and elswhere could get into Saudi to do anything useful for their Saudi customers who needed machines fixing, computers installed, training given, etc, etc.

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