Saudi Jeans Meets Mahmood’s Den

I’m back from Bahrain. It was a short trip; I arrived there around 1500, and left around 2215. What made this trip special was that I had the chance to meet Mahmood al-Yousif, Bahrain’s most famous blogger. We had a nice chat at Starbucks of al-Seef Mall, where we discussed many topics, including, but not limited to, blogging, the lost history of extended families in the Gulf, and the states in our countries.

Mahmood is a nice man. We had a pleasant talk, and it was my pleasure to meet him. Next time I’m going to Bahrain I’ll make sure to meet him again, or maybe we can meet in Saudi Arabia if he decided to drop by sometime. My advice to all of you bloggers out there: if you had a chance to meet a fellow blogger in the real world, do not miss it. It is a really great experience.

4 thoughts on “Saudi Jeans Meets Mahmood’s Den

  1. It was absolutely my pleasure Ahmed! Glad to have met you and look forward to the next meeting.

  2. hi, i justhave a question. Sometimes we build a mental image of a certain blogger in our minds. Did it ever occur to you that the person you will meet will fall below, or rise above, your expectations?


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