Inspired by a loved one (you know who you are), I’…

Inspired by a loved one (you know who you are), I’ve decided to make myself what I’d like to call My Fairouz Greatest Hits. This ultimate collection of Fairouz music is composed of 30 tracks on two audio CD’s. Fairouz is a true legend. Her angelic voice has been expressing the Arab emotions since the sixties, and I cannot believe that a young boy like me still can enjoy her music. If you are a Fairouz fan, please write your favorites in the comments. I mean, those 30 songs are my very favorites, but maybe I’m missing something here.


4 thoughts on “Inspired by a loved one (you know who you are), I’…

  1. Yeah.. songs that aren’t really popular :) and for the most part not online.. we grew up with Fairouz.. Jordanians are beyond obsessed :)

  2. my husband and I love Ana wa Shadi (I think thats the name) but it makes me cry everytime I hear it. I have a couple more that I adore, but they’re on my comp at home and arabic not being my first (or best for that matter) language I’ll have to wait until I can look them up to put them on here. I know I’m super late but hopefully it counts for something.

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