The frustrated Nadine al-Bedair writes a column th…

The frustrated Nadine al-Bedair writes a column that is filled with sadness and disappointments. “Where do we go tonight?” she asks at the beginning. By the end, we will discover how hard it can be for anyone to entertain himself in this country. She writes specifically about women, but I think many of the things she mentioned can be said about men too.

I liked what she said about the absence of movie theaters from the country. “Unfortunately, a certain group has deprived the rest of people from following what’s new in the world international cinema, and they also prevent them from participating in it,” she said. She thinks this group of people is narrow-minded who could not understand the meaning of arts and acting, so they label them as infidelities.


4 thoughts on “The frustrated Nadine al-Bedair writes a column th…

  1. Dear Nadine Al Bedair you can call me Ted.

    I had listened your comment from the Internet and I let you know that I am on your side.
    Now this is my answer to your comment.
    If I invite you to America would you like to come?
    This is why I ask you to give me your E-mail, because what I know and understand from now on you can’t help that much to change your country system.
    Think about and give me an answer.
    This is Ted.

  2. Dear Nadine,
    Your correct. All thinking people agree with you.
    Lakhs of people behind you, but they can’t express their veiw !
    Go ahead.

  3. My Baby Nadine.

    I inform you that I want directly answer from you I want to know sure if you accept my offering.
    If you lose this opportunity to visit America you will never test the freedom of life.
    I Love you Nadine.

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