Making out in public, in abaya?

Making out in public, in abaya?

3 thoughts on “Making out in public, in abaya?

  1. Hi, ive read this girl jowharas blog and i think shes saudi but living in uk, i have seen many girls in uk with scarf kissing and all its not uncommon ofcourse they dont do it in very ‘arab’ areas but none the less youl see them all hugging and all. So its not surprising thats what she saw i myself have seen this sort of thing alot, and btw we shouldnt be to naive and think that because a girl is in an abaya she still not behaving in this way, if anything look at how the girls in saudi and kuwait have now become, and im not criticising im saudi myself im just saying we should not be naive to the fact that abaya does not make a girl ‘religious’ or ‘respectable’.

  2. Our eyes always decieve, so that’s why the 7ijab can be perfect for some girl with bad intentions. If we see a girl with a 7ijab on, we’ll automatically assume she’s respectable. So that’s how our eyes can be decieved ;)


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