Protest to Release Detainees in Riyadh Mall

Relatives of political detainees held a small protest in Riyadh Wednesday night, photos and videos posted to social media sites showed. The protest took place inside Sahara Mall in the northern part of the Saudi capital. The videos below show men marching inside the mall as they chant a hadeeth by the Prophet that says “release the distressed.”

The account @e3teqal on Twitter, which identifies itself as a coordinator for the activities of illegal detention victims in Saudi Arabia, posted a number of photos purporting to show the protest:

UPDATE 6/7/2012 1:10: Mohammad al-Abdulaziz said on Twitter that his brother and his family (wife and three children) have been arrested. It is said that more people have been arrested.

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    Malls in Saudi certainly seem the “place to be” these days, especially given the hot summer temperatures and the recent easing of restrictions of who may enter and when. They also may become the venue of choice for public demonstrations against the authorities, as exemplified by a recent protest at the Sahara Mall in Riyadh, which was documented on YouTube, Twitter, and blog posts (see below). Following the protests by university students as well as other isolated incidents, who knows … this may turn out to be an especially long, hot summer for the Saudi authorities.

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