Hamza Kashgari To Be Released

Hamza Kashgari, the detained Saudi writer accused of blasphemy, will be freed in the next few weeks after a court in Riyadh accepted his repentance, multiple sources said.

Human rights activist Souad al-Shammary tweeted that a Sharia court in the capital has ratified his repentance in the presence of his family, and that he showed his regret over what he has written about the Prophet.

I have tried to reach Kashgar’s lawyer but he did not answer his phone, but I have confirmed this through a friend-of-a-friend of the writer. Local news site Sabq cited sources that also confirmed the news.

34 thoughts on “Hamza Kashgari To Be Released

  1. I am sure glad we do not have (yet) Thought Police or Religious Police in our country. How sad and unhappy that would be. So 1984’ish.

  2. To be honest to you, if you see the rants online, I fear for him outside the prison, I would advise him to leave the country for good


    There are rumours on the internet that a court in KSA has officially accepted Hamza’s apology and that his release is to be expected soon. These informations are false – Hamza’s relatives and his lawyer have denied them already and warn people about believing them. Unfortunately it is likely that the hoax will find its way though the internet for the next couple of days since news agencies tend to copy from each other and more and more people are likely to jump on the gun. Hence the urgent request to mistrust any such information and to alert other people who believed the alleged goods news and have started to write about them. Concerning confirmed information about Hamza situation please wait for official statements from Hamza’s relatives or his lawyer and check out updates on FB: Free Hamza Kashgari. Thank you!

    • are you human? there is enough suffering in the world to concern ourselves with punishing people for expressing their views when these views are not violent or aggressive.

    • To have a mind like yours so filled with hatred and darkness is perhaps the worst punishment any human can suffer. Yet there is great hope for you – if you realize your cruel and violent beliefs are really just a form of patriarchal malware installed in your operating system by your ancestors. Not really your fault – but we must each accept responsibility for the sort of software we install in our circuitry.

    • this is so juvenile.when will the Muslim world wake up? a young man should loose his life over a tweet ? come on folks what is next,loosing your life for not saying high to one of those sheikhs at the mosque ? he made a mistake and apologized for it,case closed.should he loose his life over that ? do you guys have respect for any human life at all? i guess not since you have no problem beheading a woman for “witch craft” !

  4. Great, but when will anyone tell us of the truth, because us in the west who knows pefectly how the inner circle behaves, would like to see far more reforms and ‘pardons’ instead of brutal barbaric punishments for things that don’t exist in the outside world.

  5. Everyone should have the right to speak or write anything about anyone’s God or Gods For are not the gods nothing more than a
    human creation to alleviate our own human angsts.

  6. Regardless what this guy repents or not repent, he committed punishable offence by law and he should pay the price, if it jail or death. The law is set for ever one not and he knew that when he committed his offence

  7. who cares about a third world religion anyway, mohamed was a child molester and has led so much suppression in the world against women..no loving god taught in their faith…get them out of the USA and back into their mud huts..blasphemers

    Wayne Millard from Newark, Ohio

  8. Poor guy, albeit a foolish one! Is this the kind of Sharia justice that the resigning Archbishop of Canterbury suggested as a parallel ro British justice and freedom of expression???
    Good riddance to both Arch and Sharia!


  9. I admire Hamza Kashgari so much. I read about him in a small article and I was so upset about what I read. We are all human, and should say what we want to say. I really really do wish he is let free, and can go somewhere where he can say what he wants to say.

  10. Have you looked at the supposedly “blasphemous” words he sent on Twitter? They are incredibly mild, thoughtful, even respectful; they simply refuse to WORSHIP Mohammed, that’s all. And for THIS the Moslems want to KILL this young man. This is what is SO SICK about ISLAM. Here’s what he posted:
    “On your birthday, I shall not bow to you. I shall not kiss your hand. Rather, I shall shake it as equals do, and smile at you as you smile at me. I shall speak to you as a friend, no more.
    On your birthday, I find you wherever I turn. I will say that I have loved aspects of you, hated others, and could not understand many more.
    On your birthday, I will say that I have loved the rebel in you, that you’ve always been a source of inspiration to me, and that I do not like the halos of divinity around you. I shall not pray for you.” So what is so HORRIBLE about THAT??! And even if it WERE truly horrible, civilized people don’t go around KILLING others because they said something you don’t like. This religion of fear, oppression and murderous thought-control is barbaric.

    • Yes, it’s a sickening abuse of normal civil rights in most countries. But Saudi is hardly normal, an aberration amongst nations in fact. It’s a great pity that we’re told to view them as our ‘allies’.
      Saddest thing is that the man has to ‘repent’ and beg forgiveness to save his neck. Humiliation is clearly another weapon in the armoury of the Saudi morality police.

  11. Is this poor guy still in custody? He was supposed to be released months ago! ‘Justice’ certainly moves slowly in Saudi.

    • Yes, unfortunately he’s still in custody. There are many others like him, two weeks ago Turki al Hamad was arrested for tweets crtitical of religious extremism. I wonder why western media hasn’t covered his story, because he is more famous than Hamza. Thousands of people in Saudi Arabia are in jail just for their opinion or for years without trial, mostly for non-religious reasons.

  12. Gotta watch what you say and what you do in the KSA. They play for keeps, that’s for sure! You’d think the fella comes from that country and knew the consequences of his actions.

    Best to keep your opinions to yourself, than get to the US and insult anyone you like. Blaspheme as much as you like, just not there.

    Best part in the States, you can say whatever you like against mohammed or whoever they follow and no one can do anything to you. If they do try (especially in Texas) to something to you, you can blow their head off (self defense).

    One must never try something so stupid, there is after all conceal & carry.

    • Is this poor guy still banged up? He was being released last year as I recall. One thing for sure, he’ll always be a target IF he finally gets out.
      I’d suggest a one-way ticket to America or Europe, anywhere a man can say and think whatever he likes.

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