Scholarship students complain, Saudis big on the net, new header

  • The BBC website has this nice audio slideshow about the visit of Princess Alice Countess of Athlone, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, to Saudi Arabia in 1938.
  • Saudi scholarship students in the US complain that high living costs force them to take on part-time jobs. Welcome to the real world, kids.
  • According to a recent study, people in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and China are the busiest and most enthusiastic internet users, a study of the world’s online habits has revealed. So yeah, I guess we are big on the internet. Yay.
  • I have changed the header image. The new image is actually not very new. This photo was taken in New York three years ago.

2 thoughts on “Scholarship students complain, Saudis big on the net, new header

  1. I think really, the students need to cut back on their expenditures.

    I live in New Zealand on government scholarship and I share a two bedroom apartment right in one of the most expensive areas in town and we have high speed broadband, satellite television and we eat out every night and WE STILL have money left over for things like videogames,DVDs, books and….warhammer minitaures (DON’T JUDGE ME! :( ).

    But the fact that they’re doing something illegal is somewhat concerning. In new zealand, students on a student visa get to work 20 hours per week and I’m surprised it isn’t the same in the US.

  2. I teach many students who are studying in the US on scholarships from the Saudi government. I have heard many of them complaining that they do not get enough money to live off of, and yet they are traveling overtime we have a break between classes and eating out almost every night and spending a lot of money on cigarettes and hookah. I think they just have not learned to manage their money. Maybe the Saudi government should have some kind of predeparture orientation to help these students learn to manage their money.

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