Free Entertainment

Students at Columbia J-School don’t have much free time. And when they have some free time they probably don’t have much money to spend on entertainment. Can they have some fun without spending a fortune?

PS. The artists featured in the piece are: Swear and Shake, Liz Tormes, and Lara Ewen.

PPS. This is another piece from my audio reporting class. Not great, but probably better than the first one.

7 thoughts on “Free Entertainment

  1. Yes. There is a lot of street theatre and street art for one in New York, free concerts in the park(s), places to walk, like Battery Park. Staten Island Ferry is cheap and takes you to the Statue of Liberty.

    There is probably a tourist guide to free and inexpensive through the NYC tourism, or online.

    If I find/think of more, I will let you know, and hopefully New Yorkers will jump in.

    Inal of Shadjar Al Noor blog would know. She is a New Yorker (via the Dominican, Yemen, what not), and very helpful.

    shadjar.alnoor AT gmail DOT com

    You probably know her from blog comments. Email me at chezchiara2 AT yahoo DOT com if not.

  2. Really nice job! I liked the “yay” although you need to sound a BIT more enthusiastic! :-D I found the marching band bit funny and I like how you incorporated it and the browsing online and subway sounds into your news segment.

    For what it’s worth, we usually say Atlanta, Georgia (city,state) rather than the other way around. Or just Atlanta since it’s a big enough city (here anyway) to stand on its own. :)

    Thanks for sharing these. I enjoy hearing your work! Good luck on finding some more free or cheap stuff to do. I find people watching to be fun. Now you are making me want to go back to NY! Christmas there is really pretty!

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