Although I was in Beirut six months ago, but I do miss this amazing city. There is something about this place that always makes me want to come back no matter how often I visit it. Soldier is full of Saudis these days, as it is always during the summer, but this is not the reason why I was missing Beirut today. The reason was this blogpost by Susannah Tarbush where she reported on Zeid Hamdan and his effort to create an alternative music scene in Lebanon.

In December 2008 I had a chance to attend one of his shows with Hiba Mansouri, who actually left a nice comment on my post last year. I recorded a couple of videos during that night, and I thought I’d share one of them with you here. In the video you can hear Hiba sings Ahwak, which an old song by Fairouz, and next to her you can see Zeid playing the guitar and fiddling with his laptop. Good times.

5 thoughts on “Ahwak

  1. Thanks for this. Just to add that there are links to 13 recordings from Zeid’s various musical configuration, complete with lyrics and in six cases videos, via his ShiftZ page:
    video of Castle in the Sand might induce further Beirut nostalgia as Zeid rides it on his bike.

  2. Dear Ahmed,
    God knows how much I respect you and your writings, and how much I am proud to call you a brother in Islam and in nationality. But it saddens me to see that since you have changed your blog’s looks, you have changed your focus from human rights, women’s’ status and the future of our country to more trivial issues.
    I will keep following your blog silently and hope for a change in the right direction.

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