KSA joins the first world, marketing to Muslims in Riyadh

  • Prince Khaled al-Faisal, the Governor of Mecca, has repeatedly said that our country is on its way to join the first world. Fouad al-Farhan says he would like to join the Prince in his optimism, and has some ideas on what it would take to move Saudi Arabia from the third world to the first world.
  • My good friend Abdulmohsen al-Madani will be joined by Roy Haddad, Chairman & CEO of JWT MENA, for a presentation called “Marketing to Muslims – Unseen Opportunities.” The presentation will be given today, July 6th, at 7PM. The venue is Riyadh Chamber of Commerce on Dhabab St. It should be interesting. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it because I’m in the EP, but if you are in Riyadh and you care about marketing, advertisement and content creation then you probably want to be there.

4 thoughts on “KSA joins the first world, marketing to Muslims in Riyadh

  1. Dear Friend kindly define what do we mean by First World countries ? is it about too much money ? or is it about all systems working by the rules?

    Does the respected prince know the difference?

  2. Can a country be part of the developed world without being a democracy? All those currently considered as being part of the developed world are democracies.

    I suppose Saudi can truly be considered developed when the country’s economy can stay resilient without the presence of oil. And that means having strong manufacturing and service sectors.

    I wonder what the presentation ‘Marketing to Muslims – Unseen Opportunities’ will entail. Currently, it seems that marketing to Muslims means preaching to them about how their product is more Shariah compliant and therefore they should buy their product (rather than the cheaper, non-Shariah option). In Britain, that tactic is failing pretty miserably.

  3. “what it would take to move Saudi Arabia from the third world to the first world.”

    Time. About three or four generations.

  4. KSA being first world country? not in this century.

    Saudis, even if they are educated, they need to chage their master/slave and “race” mentality.

    you have to be a democracy to claim first world country status?

    i dont think so.. if a king makes sure that justice is being served, social evils are being eradicated,all are treated and educated equally (locals and outsiders living in the country), people are geting jobs and poor are geting funds and spolied rich are being held accountable for their actions then that king is ruling a “first world country”.

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