Saudi TV staff not paid, MOE strange transformation

  • Why state tv channels suck? Because people are not getting paid. Arab News says the producers and presenters of the early morning show “Good Morning Saudi Arabia” on Ch1 have not received their salaries for the last two months. The production company that makes the show said it has not been able to pay workers because it has not received payment from Saudi Television. I’m not surprised. I have heard many similar stories from people I know who have worked in the past with Ch1 and Ch2.
  • According to Saudi Gazette, a crowd gathered at the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Riyadh on Sunday to express their objections on “Shariah grounds” to the visit of deputy minister Norah al-Faiz to a boys’ school in Al-Zulfi last week. The Ministry issued a statement on Sunday saying that deputy minister Faisal Bin Mu’ammar met with the protesters who submitted a range of proposals related to the work of the ministry which will be studied. I can’t help but share the amazement of Khalaf al-Harbi at this soft stance and really strange transformation of MOE, which just a few days took a very strict, some even said aggressive, stance against the teachers who have been demanding the ministry for what many people view as fair demands.

3 thoughts on “Saudi TV staff not paid, MOE strange transformation

  1. To whom it may concern. I sent six great years in the Kingdom from 1979 to 1985. I had my family with me and it was a learning experience for my daughters and it was a bonding experience for our family.
    What I would like to say, please try and get your country into the 21st century. No matter how rich you are or how much you think you can bend and shape international politics with oil, you are still looked at as believers of a 7th century culture. The more you adhere to Sharia law and isolate yourselves from the main stream of life, the more creditability you lack. I personally hate to see Saudi Arabia getting a bad rap by people that have never been there, but there are more of them then us.

  2. Well, now the Saudi’s know what it’s like to be an immigrant/slave worker in Saudia and other Khalleji countries when your passport and months of pay are held but you still have to work like a slave for sponsors who abuse you and could care less about your situation. Welcome to the other side!

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