Fake Posters

Moleculo has made these awesome fake posters:

You are invited to Riyadh International Cinema Festival. Live the real experience inside the theater.

Jeddah Metro: Commuting has become smarter.

Dear female citizen: It’s time for you to drive. You can do it.

Your duty as a citizen is to tell us about any unemployed person. Unemployment has been ended, completely.

The Grand Musical Event: the Saudi Opera, led by maestro Fahad ibn al-Balad. Now, at Buraida Opera Theatre.

13 thoughts on “Fake Posters

  1. Has any society in the history of the world ever demolished unemployment?

    Also, who the hell would watch Opera in Saudi Arabia? In Buriydah of all places.

  2. I saw them a while ago, they are excellent.

    a small addition to “Dear female citizen: It’s time for you to drive.” there is an excellent line that you forgot to add, at the end it says “and you can do it” (other more accurate translations are welcome)

    I find that little message, small, but empowering.

  3. LOL! I was reading “The Secret” last night and the chapter was on making a visualization board – pictures of what you want in your life to manifest it. Maybe we should all use these!

  4. they could be a tad more “realistic”, with less words and working with more images. Still, I thought they are quite expressive.

  5. well done posters, I think some of which will be reality in couple of years,
    power to the people and better representation of their voice is the most important thing we need in my opinion,these changes are sort of analgesics that won’t last long

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