If someone told me this few days ago, I would have thought it was a sick joke. But then I watched the disturbing video and heard it from the horse’s mouth:

Shiekh (?) Yousuf al-Ahmad from Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh has shamelessly called for demolishing of the Grand Mosque in Makkah and rebuilding it in a way that prevents women from mingling with men during tawaf and prayers.

Al-Ahmad argues that in the past nobody had the means to achieve that but now it can easily be done. The Grand Mosque can be completely demolished, he said, and then rebuilt all over again. Al-Ahmad suggests the Grand Mosque can have 10, 20, or even 30 floors, dedicating some of them exclusively to women.

I have nothing to say, really. I think the absurdity of this whole thing speaks for itself. How did we get here? God, have mercy on us.

15 thoughts on “Demolish?!

  1. You are right. I agree that this is really an absurd suggestion. And then hes presenting it as if its the most normal thing in the world. If the Holy Prophet (PBUH) had wanted to have women separated from men, he would at least have said so.

    Thus guy is actually trying to kill the whole spirit of Hajj.

  2. Did you listen to what he said at the end about medical schools and hospitals? Did he just say that it’s “haram” for girls to get into medical schools??
    I can’t believe this guy. Somebody shoot him please.

    Amira: “from the horse mouth” is an idiom that means heard it directly from the person concerned.

  3. Whats the big deal? Efforts to segregate the Holy Mosques are not new. Ever since the Ikhwan laid siege to Makkah, they tried to force their pathologically-female-obsessive doctrines of Wahhabism on Muslims.Though, to no avail.

    Until this day you will find bearded men, in official and mostly non-official capacities, trying to force segregation. Mercifully, the inherent truth in the hearts of Muslims always did and always will prevail.

  4. I know what you feel, I posted something about it, but I did elaborate a bit ^.^

    hope you would be kind to comment on that
    thank you in advance

    me and my friends are guessing whats next,
    first was to kill who promote mixing the sexes,
    now demolish and rebuild,

    whats next???
    segregation of the sexes on the net!!!!!!!

    who are these people!!!, OMG! he is an educator also.

    god have mercy on us.

  5. HaHa, well, u know he only suggested that, have u see the look on the host’s face when he said that? it was priceless :)

    What disturbs me in his logic is, it started with segregated hospitals (like segregated schools) then it evolved into segregating the Grand Mosque, then they called for girls not to enroll into medical schools… ok, so who will man (or woman) the segregated womans hospitals?

    Maybe I am missing something…

  6. This is very crazy and dangerous… demolish? and what a crappy argument about mingling of sexes there… I went to Mecca a couple of years ago and there was no such claims as his… ok… we are in the same space as men… and we walk close to one another.. but at such a place as Mecca… with the Ka’aba in front… it is hard to see anything or anyone else!!! He talks of it as the sexes there are dancing together in an underground club…

    I remember an incident that left me very sad there… I was coming out of the Haram after praying… and I was feeling happy and light… and then one of those bearded men [whom I refrain from calling sheiks]… passed me by and told me in an angry voice to ask forgiveness from God…
    For what??? He talked to me like a sinner while I felt more like a saint at that moment… and it really bothered and shocked me…
    These men are trapped and blinded by their beliefs… when will reason prevail? when will the mind take command of the world once again?

    7asbi Allah wa ni3ma al wakeel…

  7. Why are you people surprised this is so typical. Anyway, KEEP THE RECORD. For the time when future generation wonder why didn’t we progress with all the oil wealth.

    It’s all our fault to even give Al-Ahmad (and many like him) the title of “sheikh”. Religion has become hard to follow because of such idiots.

  8. Another comment – after seeing the video -. He says it is HARAM for GIRLS to go to med schools under the current circumstances.

    After 50 years, only a little progress from their stance on the education of women. At least our conservative fathers were excused because of illiteracy and ignorance.

    I want Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University demolished.

  9. Thankfully, I read that the proposal to build additional floors for women-only was rejected by Saudi court. For centuries, men and women have worshiped in Mecca without being segregated, so why should things change now?

  10. So how does a woman working twice as hard as a man at half the salary even begin to seem fair?

    Where are his balls that allow him to say such a thing and have women outworking the men? This is bull.

  11. actually.. I thought it is a really joke !

    I read it in my cousin’s blog and he wrote it in a funny way that’s cause me to think it is a joke but it’s real !!

    No Comment !!

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