• Countries are built upon laws, not fatwa. After last year’s cabinet reshuffle, some people started to refer to King Abdullah’s reforms as the fourth Saudi state. Ahmed Adnan thinks King Abdullah can become the third founder of the third Saudi state, but first he has to replace the legitimacy of ideology with the legitimacy of citizens.
  • There is a talk of establishing a media zone in KAEC. It sounds like a joke to me, and Sabria Johar agrees. She thinks Saudi media is still pretty immature, and that’s why such an effort will be like putting lipstick on a donkey and call it a thing of beauty.
  • Abdulaziz Khoja, the minister of culture and information, says citizen journalism lacks credibility and fact-checking. Yeah, right. And local newspapers, that your excellency must approve of their editors, are full of credibility and fact-checking. Hey, how’s that new e-journalism law of yours is going btw?

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