It’s been almost a year since I took a break, so I think it’s about time to take some time off. This would be longer than usual, but I’m afraid it’s necessary and much needed. There will be no blogging for the rest of the month, but I shall be back in February with new content and probably a new design too.

9 thoughts on “Lull

  1. can you schedule it for feb? would you mind? ill be away.. it would be really convenient..

    i appreciate that you need a break but yalla ya zalame.. lazem bitfaker shwaye about the feelings of the masses..

  2. Thanks for letting us know, and enjoy your break. I hate to say it, because I enjoy your posts, but taking the time you need even if longer is better than coming back too early and feeling burnt out.

    Have fun designing, and not posting!

  3. Ha ha ha!

    What, do you post once, sometimes twice a week?

    This is, far and away, the most un-prolific blog I (occasionally) visit.

    Gotta love that Saudi work ethic!

    Well, hey, I guess those twitters will really drain a guy!

  4. Let me ask you; how do you argue to not let women vote in your country?
    Interesting. Are we less worth? Less intelligent?

    That is a level which used to be 100 years ago in the western part of the world,
    What do your women say? Are they content with not being able to vote, drive a car, go swimming…

    Odd, to say the least.

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