Facebook Friends and Colorful Circles

Fellow blogger Roba al-Assi and I have quite a few things in common: blogging, Riyadh, admiration for Andy Warhol, a passion for the interwebs and stylish geekiness… and, among other things, 17 mutual friends on Facebook.

But Roba and I never actually met in real life.

We keep talking about possible chances to meet, but these chances never seem to come. Ah well, I’m sure we will get to meet some day. Until then, I will kindly ask you to go and check out this awesome post she wrote illustrating the fascinating overlapping of her social circles online.

5 thoughts on “Facebook Friends and Colorful Circles

  1. Guys! this is not a dating site! and people reading this blog are certainly not interested in those buffoons social lives , nor interaction. Or lack of, for that matter!
    Ahmad: just drop it! If you haven’t met her in five years, chances are that you won’t meet her anytime soon. And what’s the point meeting her anyway? you’re so gay! Get over it!

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