In decent, civilized countries, when officials who come with big promises fail to deliver, they resign (or are forced to resign) out of respect for themselves, the people, and the office.

In my country, when officials who come with big promises fail to deliver, they give the middle finger to everyone, silence anyone who dares to criticize them, and shamelessly stay in their positions as if nothing happened.

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  1. The most entrenched of such leaders are those within the clerical establishment.

    Not only do they silence opponents and remain, they also indicate that their permanent presence is divinely required.

    Their constant appeal to the divine will is especially infuriating.

  2. Really? Which country have you seen that in then?

    Officials do what they want, when they want, no matter if it’s a democratic country or a dictatorship. They sweep those big promises under the carpet just the same.

  3. Ahmed–excellent, precise and concise, bordering on a haiku!

    Indeed, Saudi is not alone in this but then you are “Saudi Jeans” not “Los Jeans Latinos” or “Les Jeans Haitiens”, etc.

    Officials are forced to resign, often not soon enough, nor thoroughly enough (they retain other functions, come back, have “golden parachutes”) etc., and sometimes good ones are “forced” to resign. Denis Coderre (MP Quebec, stepped down as Liberal Party Lieutenant for Quebec), Stephane Dion (ex-Federal Leader of the Liberal Party), and David Miller (Mayor of Toronto, will not run for re-election) are 3 good Canadian elected officials, who have announced resignations or resigned in the last year.

    And then there are all the American not so good ones who can’t keep it in their pants, can’t keep their fingers off the electoral funds, can’t…whatever. My own personal favourite lately is John Edwards AKA midlife crisis meets candidate narcissism, meets fatally ill wife, meets borderline personality disordered “photojournalist”, meets baby girl. OY VEY!

  4. Salaam,
    Exactly we have the same story in Iran. I believe, the more a country is “ideological” the more such things are likely to happen.
    Unfortunately, we should admit that some features of a truly Islamic country are more respected in non-Muslim countries.

    • Wa-Alaikum Alsalam,
      Though it is true Iran and Saudi share the same notion of ideological rule, they differ however in the practical application.

      This official, if in Iran, would be accountable to either the “democratically” elected Shura Council or the president, even if ultimately to the Guardian Council or the Marj’i.

      The point is that this official would most likely be “one of the people” and would be held accountable (in a sense) to the people, even if some would say Iran’s democracy is artificial. Nonetheless, thank God our officials are not accountable to our ideological “guardian council”.

  5. Too bad all such leaders dont take after the Japanese…who are not above committing hari kari in an effort to save face once they have disgraced themselves. If all leaders around the world did that…we’d have quite the turn around in self imposed and illegally elected

  6. Democracy has one big advantage over other systems: when the people are annoyed they can kick those they hold responsible out of power. The danger is when power accumulates in places out of reach of law and popular sovereignty, so that the people wielding it can’t be held responsible. Then you have aristocracy.

  7. Following you and other bloggers in the area for quite some time/years…
    Your quote about life and breaths you take made me smile and finally makes me to compliment you on what you are doing. You got guts and the view!! keep on going strong and keep well

  8. One government position holder has been exposed as having stole a billion dollars and he is still in office while people live in poverty at the same time. Where is the judiciary? Oh yeah prosecuting that guy who talked about fornication on tv. Fornication is a big no no but stealing a billion dollars is ok and even admitting it on tv wont affect your position. That is why we are behind the civilised nations.

  9. I move to agree that there is free thinking in this country, in fact its everywhere. Think from out of the box & picture this one… a man will not commit a sin if he’s thinking about it but unless the dose it then he will be recorded as a sinful act.
    Now, going back to the main topic, we have many ideas in our head but needed support to make it happen. We can’t do it alone & we’re not alone in this world.

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