Two Cartoons

Al-Watan newspaper have been on a roll with their cartoons recently.

Man: black is the king of colors, and a sign of modesty.
Woman: ok, so why don’t you and your son wear the king of colors?


Saleswoman? Noooo
Housemaid? Disgrace
Nurse? Shame
Misyar wife? Done

23 thoughts on “Two Cartoons

  1. A reflection of the current problem of our society, perpetrated by our clerical establishment.

    Why should a nurse — an honorable and skilled profession — be viewed as disgraceful, while a misyaar wife is desirable?

    And, should such a distorted set of values be truly supported by those who truly follow the Rasulullah?

  2. Ouch.. the 2nd cartoon is quite painful. More opportunities should exist for women as well as men to fulfil their careers.

    cool blog btw :)

  3. Thanks for the translation. Is a misyar wife really what wikipedia says it is? I have to tell you, if you suggested that in the US, the entire religious right would collapse in shock. (They’d probably like the idea, but they’d still be pretty shocked.)

    • It’s a legal loophole used to justify extra-marital relationships and since it fulfills all the legal requirements, scholars are scrambling to find a legal way to ban it.

  4. hi Noga and Lirun.. miysar is a temporary “marriage” that’s not legit actually that allows a man to have sex with a “prostitute” or a woman who is “available” .. usually divorced women .. u know.. virginity issues etc.

    it’s quite disgusting actually. they have this in iran too. and surely other places as well.


  5. i really sometimes wish i was born somewhere else where there’s respect toward females, or even a little bit of freedom or lets say some JUSTICE toward FEMALES!!!
    i believe that ksa is taking baby steps, actually smaller steps than babies ones, it might actually be smaller than ants steps and thats just a SHAME!
    i would personally do what ever i want and would’t care what people think or say if its what i really want to do, Because life is a one time experience!

  6. Why black? Muslims during Prophet (saw) time were wearing white, also they had a white flag. Green is a flag of al Saud tribe. Aisha’s favorite colours were red and yellow.( yemani cotton). There was no dye to colour cotton in black anyway. How do they explain dressing women in black now?

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